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Funny Story And Good News!


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Since I do a lot of moaning and complaining, I thought I'd share some good news- I just got my blood pressure taken by the wellness nurses here at work- it was 108/72! ;) I was so excited that it is up! And I've been having less severe tachy episodes- hr only hitting at or just above 100! PLUS I haven't had a bad fever (a sign for me that I'm having an episode) or pre-syncope in a while! They adjusted my atenenol dose, and it actually seems to be working pretty well. (knock wood cause I don't want to jinx myself).

The funny story is that after the nurse took my pressure, she said 'oh, that's excellent!' I, without thinking, reply 'yeah- I'm happy it's up several points.' She looked at me like I had two heads, so I explained that I had dysautonomia, etc. etc. She said 'oh, so you're upside down.' Which, besides making me laugh, was what I thought a great description of this disease is like- we're just upside down people! (Occasionally flat on our back people, but that sounds like another thing entirely) ;)

Hope ya'll are having a good day!

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Granted, upside down people isn't a medical diagnosis, but it does sort of make sense. Just a few examples- Most people try to have low salt diets- we're sodium loading! Most people try to lower their blood pressure, and raising your heart rate to aerobic levels is considered healthy. We try to raise our blood pressure and lower our heart rates! There's a lot that seems counter-intuitive to conventional wisdom to the standard person uninformed about dysautonomia. After I talked to some people, they thought that the upside down thing captured the fact that this really basic system in our bodies just doesn't work quite right and the rather unpredictable nature of chronic disease.

Not to mention the fact that it turns your life upside-down... ;)

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