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I spoke to my dysautonomia doctor today by telephone. He mentioned to me Takotsubo as a possible cause of my chest pain.

He indicated that I would probably be evaluated soon with a cathetorization.

Have any of you heard of Takotsubo or been diagnosed with it? It is a little long to explain it here, but if you would like to read about Takotsubo, feel free to "google" it. A lot of information will come up.

My doctor mentioned that he may ask me to come off of my beta blocker "cold turkey" ( all at once ) before coming in for testing. This is going to make me feel terrible. I did this once before before autonomic testing and I had multiple PVC's and chest pain. And at that time, I was only on half the dose that I am now.

Have any of you people came off of your beta blocker all at once?

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Guest tearose

Just wanted to wish you good things as you see about the new dx and come off BB's.

I guess it is probably one of those things where for the benefit to you of more testing, you will see firsthand how you manage off the bb's. I hope you are not too bad for the time you are off! I don't have any firsthand experience to share in this regard.

I did look into takotsubo as you suggested...do you think you may have this?

best wishes,


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