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Hi Everyone, I did ask about Detrol LA in a previous post,but I think the Detrol part go lost in the the main subject of the post.Any way I am so intolerate of meds.( like some many of us.) My doc. wants me to take Detrol,Of course I need to,I do have gastroparisis,though. The warnings say ,not to take if GI motility problems.So many meds have just made POTS symptoms so much worse. Your experience with Detrol or advice would be much appreciated. Thanks P

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My husband has been takin Detrol LA for over a year now and other than dry mouth, he has had no other symptoms. If you do a search, you will find my previous posts about how it has virtually eliminated his bladder and bowel incontinence. He has NCS. He did start with taking regular Detrol twice a day before moving up to the Detrol LA extended release formula...maybe that helped him ease into the drug. He has been lucky that he is able to tolerate medications fairly well.

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