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Procrit Concerns


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I had my first injection of procrit on Friday. A few hours lately I was severely fatigued and chilled. Yesterday my glands in my neck swelled up and I had symptoms of a stomach flu. Could this be a reaction to procrit? I normally get fatigue, chills, and gastrointestinal problems but this episode seems diffferent. Has anyone else had a similar problem with procrit?

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Guest tearose

I have no experience with procrit but wanted to wish you a better day. I hope it was a passing problem.

Do you think you are fighting a virus?

I am sure if you continue to feel ill, you will call your doctor.

take care,


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I wanted to write because I have also been on Procrit before. I'm pretty sure that feeling "fluish" is a common side effect from Procrit. I had some achiness and felt fluish for a while after each shot but overall felt ok while on it.

(I did want to include that my uncle is on Procrit and feels fluish most of the time while on it)

Hope this helps and that you feel better soon!


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3 1/2 years ago when I started Procrit I would feel fluish for the first 24-48 hours after the injection. I've also found that if they keep me at 10,000 U, I do better. When they try to give me 20,000 U I get really ill.

Procrit and IV Iron have been the best treatment for me, I'm as close to normal as I can probably hope for. I have energy to live day to day again.

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