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Well, my insurance company didn't give me a hard time at all about taking procrit. I was really surprised, as they have been fighting me on just about everything else lately. I'm getting my first injection tomorrow. I've been feeling very poorly so I'm really praying this helps. I'm wondering if the fact that I'm anemic has been contributing to the worst 2 months healthwise that I can remember. My hemoglobin is 9.4, my hematocrit is 31, and my ferritin level is 2. My old primary care physician somehow overlooked my anemia for at least a few months now. I had lab work done in January and the levels were about the same as my recent ones - and he gets mad when I ask for copies of my lab tests!! I'm so glad I switched to a new pcp. My new doctor is really wonderful. He's not very knowledgeable about dysautonomia but said he plans on researching and talking with my other specialists. For not really having much experience treating autonomic problems, he really had some helpful suggestions for me.

What I'm wondering . . I know procrit is used to treat anemia, but since I'm using it to increase blood pressure, will it still work if I'm anemic? I'm thinking it probably won't have an effect on my blood pressure until the anemia is corrected.

Also, I did some research on procrit and found articles from scientific journals regarding an increase in heart attack and stroke risk for people on this drug. I know all meds have possible complications but this did kind of scare me. Has anyone here on procrit had any major problems with it?

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I been on Procirt since May, and the only side effect I had was headaches the first few times, But I still to this day question if it was the procrit or somthing else. The doctor side it was one of the side effects and dropped it a few months later I was dx with mirgains so that why I still am not sure it was the med. The only problem I had was learning to give myself the shot. I give myself a shot now every friday. (I was paying a $20.00 co-pay for going to the office to have a nurse give me the shot so I thought I could save $80.00 a month by giving meself the injection. Now it nothing at all. Do you now how much you are starting at?

The best thing about this drug for me is it gave me back color in my face, I have always been white as gost, and I now have some color. ( I finally am getting 36-40 for a hematocrit! Yah!) I hope you are able to see improvment with the drug also. Also I am sure they will talk to you about it but it took agood 4-6 weeks before I really begain to see the changes.

Good Luck with Procrit, and I am glad your insuance is allowing you to get it! :)

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