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Question About Service Dog/animal.

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Hey Everybody,

Its been a while since I've been on here, so probably nobody remembers me.

This post was originally written for posting on a forum for the other main disorder I have, but I re-wrote some of it to be more understandable here and more geared towards this forum.

I'm looking into something for myself and I'm trying to research it as much as possible before I make a decision.

The topic for those that are wondering what I'm talking about finally is: Service Dogs/Service Animals.

In additon to my NCS and POTS I have a few other conditions, such as EDS Hypermobility Type. The NCS, POTS, and EDSH as I'm sure all of you know, cause me to have trouble with balance sometimes, and with joint locking or popping out of joint. Its not

often, but its enough to use a can sometimes, but not often.

I also have a neurological movement disorder call Generalized Dystonia. I have spells that look like grandmal seizures, called GD Storms. I also have spells that only affect certain areas of my bndy that look like petitmal seizures and are called simple reactions. My GD not very progressed, I don't have permanent postures but I do get simple reactions and Storms about once every two weeks to once a week. I'm home alone, which I'm not supposed to be due to the GD and NCS, and POTS, but there's no choice. My husband is in the Navy, so we don't live anywhere near family and TriCare won't cover anyone staying with me. Until the last 3 or 4 months we've always has a roommate who somehow managed to be on the opposite schedule as my husband, so there was usually somebody with me most of the time if anything happened. But lately when I've had reactions and spells I'm by myself and its a little scary. Most of my simple reactions are my neck, jaw, eyes, mouth--as in I can't talk, right shoulder, right arm, and sometimes breathing. And usually when I have a simple reaction, even though the rest of my body isn't spasming or locked, I don't have control over it somehow.

I'm wondering if anybody else has a service dog/animal and what the dog does for them?

I would also like personal opinions of what any of you think the dog would be able to do for me, if anything.



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Hi. I have a friend from years back with EDS who has a service dog. I don't know her quite well enough to know where she posts now, but she may respond to you on the other forum.

I know the dog helps her with dressing, fetching, supporting her weight during transfers, hitting cross-the-street buttons, acts as a smile-maker and conversation piece, and no doubt many more things. If you don't get any responses, PM me and I will see if you can contact her directly.


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HI! We've actaully talked about making my dog a service dog for me, but haven't been quite sure? She's stubborn, but we were thinking that we could teach her how to get my medicine holder or the phone stuff like that.

Also she is very perceptive, like when I had surgery or even last week when I wasn't feeling well she would just sit with me which is very comforting, if a dog helps you with noting else when you aren't doing well having a little puppy there is nice!!!

Other then that I don't know what to say. we haven't had much success training her on our own though. I think you should go for it if you can get the dog trained and in tune with you!!! :blink:

Take care


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I saw a documentary on service dogs. Actually, if you want to see it, it's availible in the Discovery Store, and it's part of "The Best of Nature" series on DVD. Anyway...it showed how they train them, briefly (Madeline, they train them to resist distraction, obey, etc. by starting with tennis balls and then moving on to the actual aims like picking up clothes and putting them in the laudry). It also showed a dog that was undergoing training as a seizure alert dog. They said that some dogs have a 6th sense about oncoming siezures and naturally act to make the person sit down, then they run around barking and pulling on ppl's clothes to attract help. They train them to act more calmly and not to interfere with the person's breathing, etc. But the response is essentially natural and not all dogs have it, but some do. Maybe this would help with GD Storms??

You know, they also said that service dogs have high price tags and long waiting lists. But maybe any kind of a household pet, like a cat or anything, would make your life easier while your husband's traveling??

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Yes, I DO remember you! It sounds like you are having a tough time...

We had a wonderful discussion about service dogs with TONS of links. It's a long thread, but worth it and hope it helps. Plus, I did a search for service dogs and only four posts came up, so you should be able to get through those also, but this one is the 'meatiest' of them. Sunfish supplied us with a ZILLION links about service dogs....hope this helps...


Later alligator!


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