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Eds And Delayed Gastric Emptying

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I have read on this site under "causes of pots" that ehler danlos is a cause of pots and also that in EDS type III it is typical to see delayed gastric emptying and MVP - both of which i have...

"A wide variety of medical complications may occur with the classical and hypermobile types of EDS. Mitral valve prolapse can occur in all types of EDS and delayed gastric emptying has been observed in type III (personal observations, Wenstrup & Hoechstetter, 2001)."

is there a connection between connective tissue disease (such as EDS) and gastroparesis? i know there is a correlation between scleroderma (another type of connective tissue disease) and gastroparesis, but is there an actual link to delayed gastric emptying (gastroparesis) and EDS?

just curious as to what is causing my gastroparesis. it would be nice to sum all this up as connective tissue disease, eh instead of having to say i have "gastroparesis, POTS, and EDS?? LOL. that's just TOO MUCH for one person to have! it would be nice to just be able to say ONE THING! HAHA! or better yet, NOTHING! ;)

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My daughter seen a CFS specialist yesterday...(see daughter dx with pots) and she has some form of EDS with hypermolity as well as delayed gastric empting and he was certain that her cause of delealyed gastric empting was due to food allery. Her milk allery causes her to be delayed when empting her bowels. Sometimes upto 3-4 days for a bowel movement.

Just a thought for you to check into as well. He said that the pain in her upper left stomach was due to the milk allergy as well. If you have both...do a little more checking.

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Yes there is a relationship. I have an article somewhere in my office that Michelle got for me a few years ago--it was about GI problems and EDS. Motility can definitely be a major issue. The EDNF patient forum has a separate section just for discussion of GI issues.


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