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Sick After Ivig


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I started IVIG last week Monday and Tuesday, Since the second infusion I have been so sick. I am wondering if anyone else had the same issues? I developed a spinal headache on Tuesday so they had to give me predinsone to help control the pain. Unfortunately the headache lasted until Sunday. On Friday I started to run a fever of 101. They gave me antibiotics to help fight off any infection, and the fever has went away, however my body has shut down from the all stress. I feel so sick and can't get out of bed except for a few minutes at a time.

I am afraid to try the IVIG again, but it is the only treatment left for my persistent left side weakness. If anyone has had experience with IVIG, I would love to hear your thoughts.


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Sorry to hear about you side effects to the IVIG. I never had IVIG's, but I can understand your feelings as I am there with my IV abx treatments. Have you talked to the doctor? The one thing I have learned with all mine is you have to look at all the pro and cons, and what your body can handle, and make a dision what is best you you and your body!

I am send you a ((((((Hug))))))) and hoping you start feeling better soon!

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