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If I Didn't Have Bad Luck.......


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Hey All,

It?s been one really bad week. It started with a clot in my PICC line, (after 2 rounds of TPA, the line opened up), Then after leaving the infusion center, I was off to get a shot for my migraine at my doctors office. By this time I got there, they had already heard about all the problems with the clot as they where called for both orders of the TPA. The one nurse says to me ?you know if you didn?t have bad luck, you wouldn?t have luck at all? the truth is I feel that way. Since I got the sepsis last month, from there on, nothings been going right. I know that an infection like that takes a toll on your body, but I just don?t feel right. Then with starting the abx for the Lymes, I am just not sure if it was too much. At least the LLMD finally called and, lowered the does on the abx on Wednesday. Thursday I started getting a really bad pain on my left lower side, so I made an appointment with my doctor on Friday. Only the office was closed due to all the snow we got here in Iowa. So they called me Friday am to say they where closed, and called in more pain meds for me to help me get thought the weekend with this new side pain, and the headaches. I have an appointment on Monday, so hopefully I can get some answers then. I really want them to look into the fact that treating the Lymes is making the POTS worse, and look at the whole picture, and try to find a medium with the POTS/ Lyme systems.

Then to top things off my husband backed his truck up into a pole. So now we are waiting to have the truck fixed. Hopefully it will not take long, but with all the ice, and snow all the body shops are full.

I am hoping things will start getting better! Thanks for letting me vent.

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Guest tearose

I hope you buy a lottery ticket!!!

Hey, your luck has got to work for you too!!

I am sorry you had these set-backs and problems to deal with. It is hard sometimes. It is hard LOTS of times. If you can't vent here that would be terrible.

I hope things are easier to deal with today.

best regards,


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