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Anyone Know?

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Never heard of it, but looked it up and it stands for Muscle Sympathetic Nerve Activity....looks like it can be measured during baroflexture testing, etc. One article I could find that defined it stated it is "a direct measure of sympathetic nervous outflow". Don't know if this helps, but I couldn't find much more unless I read a ton of articles....and right now I don't think I would have understood them anyway :) !


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This is technical, cardio girl, but it appears to be a test to determine the connection between hypovolemia, sensitivity of the pressure receptors (the body's response to a dropping BP), and the sympathetic system response. I guess they are seeing if you over- or under-react to BP changes. I forget if you have hypovolemia, but don't recall your mentioning it (but I am old), so maybe they are checking to see where the culprit(s) are.


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