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Local Primary Care Physician Help Needed


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Hi all. I am currently seeking a new pcp in my area (Buffalo, WNY area). For those of you who live in my area, who do you see for primary care? I'd like to find someone who's familiar with autonomic problems, or at least willing to learn. Dr. Grubb is wonderful, but I can only see him once per year. My current pcp is unwilling to prescribe treatments (IV, epogen, etc.) as recommended by Dr. Grubb. My insurance (HMO) makes it very difficult to fill prescriptions by out-of-network doctors, so it's really a hassle. It would be so much easier to see a pcp who's willing to consult with Dr. Grubb. If anyone has any suggestions for docs, please let me know.

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Can't recommend anybody since I'm way out of your area. But I hope you find a good one!

Maybe some online directories would be of use for you. We used to be with Mamsi, and their site has a doctor directory. I think it's mamsi.com

Also, if you're looking for someone who can order treatments related to the pots, this might be over the head of a primary care phys. Try the dinet directory of pots doctors for someone local. You know, a doctor has to have personal convinction in the care tactics he/she prescribes...it's not enough for them to follow another doctor's directions because the other doctor will not be liable if that was in error.

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