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Just Come Back From Cornwall .


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Corina , your step-mum and Dad are such lovely people , you are so lucky to have such wonderful , welcoming , kind and friendly parents.

My hubby , both the boys and I went to find Corina's parents while we were away in Cornwall this week , but just as we arrived the local council decided to tarmac the whole of their road , we drove up and down and around all the roads near to their house but just couldnt get within 10 feet of the front door on the first attempt.

Two days later and the road was clear ............. :) so I quietly walked into Corina's Dad little garden shop and said 'Hello' are you...............and he beamed at me , yep he knew exactly who I was :) .

SO .................Corina , I didn't know you couldnt stand up for more than a few seconds :o your dad was surprised that I could stand /walk , but I think he did find it rather strange that I 'rocked ' from foot to foot all the time ( to stop me falling down )

My hubby was nattering away to your dad , being an ex boat builder when he saw all the wonderful boats your dad owned /had in the past he was in his element and your parents wonderful home , a beautiful cottage , all wooden beams, wonderful pictures of your family ..........yep I saw you all !!!!! and your wedding photo to .

I have invited them to come up to see us then they next come to Yealmpton to get plants , which is the next village to us , do you know we must have passed them on the road so many times when they have come this way , so strange :) I gave your step-mum a big box of Terry's old gold ( milk ) by the way , so I hope she eats chocolates ..........or your dad :) if he's anything like my hubby they wont touch the sides and he will swear blind it 'wasnt him' !!!!!

So in all we had a lovely time with your parents and have taken some photo's of them in their back garden and yes, one of me with them just to prove it !!!!

Mark ( hubby) is going to log on to your dad's garden page to see if there is any plants for our garden , I cannot believe that my hubby and your dad have so much in common , Mark trained in horticulture after his accident so he was able to natter away about this as well ................so both boys were nattering away most of the time , and they say us woman are the worst :P:lol: ( only kidding )

I now look forward to your parents coming to see us soon and hopefully I can feed them some of my special cakes and things :lol: .

It really was so nice to be able to call in and speak to them and I do look forward to seeing them again .

Bye for now AMI.

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ami and mark,

thank you so much for visiting my dad and stepmum and say hi from me!!!

in the evening my dad called (i already was in bed, as i was/am very tired from all the people working so hard around me :):) and all the mess they make). he told me that you had a very nice time and he apologized for being surprised that you could walk better than i do. i told him that we all are so different. he told me that you were "rocking" while standing which made me smile because i immediately knew why you had to. for them it is all so strange (knew i mean). mostly i think, because we don't see eachother regularly.

well, he told me that you had a very nice time and that he would have liked you to stay some longer.

oh and i love their home. and the little garden in the back. i have beautiful photo's of it, made in summer while the flowers were blooming. when we visit them (and cornwall i mean) we always feel as if we're at home.

i'm very much looking forward to see your pictures!!!

did you have a nice week? and were you able to make some trips in the newquay area?

well i'm off to my chair again to spend some hours reclining (and enjoying the peace as there's only one man working and he will leave in about half an hour i guess).


corina :)

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Your dad was somewhat surprised by me , I think because I keep my condition so well hidden and I look almost normal when dressed up most people think 'she's OK' but when I rolled up my sleeves and let your step-mum and dad see my arms ..............well they were shocked !

I would have liked to have stayed longer but I was getting so tired by then, hopefully when they come up to see us we can natter more.

We were able to go out a bit , we went to the gold place , I bought a belt and Mike my mothers day present.

We went to the zoo and I adopted 'Oscar ' an american long eared owl , he's so large sitting all alone in his cage , I'd love to bring him home with me , but then what a row he's make and mess around the house ! <_<

We tried to go out every morning from about 10am until 1 pm but I was getting tireder and tireder as the week went on and by Friday morning when we had to travel home I was asleep all the way here , then asleep all afternoon and all night until about 3 am then the pain set in again .

My eye's are playing up a bit now , which is hardly surprising as according to Mark I was squinting rather :rolleyes:

Mike had another rough time when we were way , he went surfing one afternoon and the next day his face and neck was covered in a bright red raised itchy rash :( poor boy all he kept wanting to do was scratch all the time , then he started to feel a bit ..........as he calls it 'naff' I dosed him with a 24 our antihistamine every day , but here we are home and he's still got the face rash , most strange , there must have been something in the water that day .

Mark is working on the photo's at the minute , but if you send me your email address I will send you a selection of the ones to your home and also if you dont mind I'll post the one of your dad+ step-mum and myself on my photo place that Mark sticks all my daft and almost normal photo's on for all to see .

Anyhow hope your not to bad today , I'm now off to have a lay down as the old ticker is playing games with me and telling me 'rest you fool or else '

Bye for now AMI.

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Here is the lead into my photo album that hubby set up for me some time ago , I have taken off now some of the old ones and the Christmas stuff as its been there ages.

This new lot contains photo's of my son surfing ( well trying ) my son and his best friend on the carts , us all at the zoo ...........the owl I have adopted for the children's hospice he's called 'Oscar ' and such a sweety ( if owls can be that is) some photos of Padstow and Perranporth , two small seaside villages we went to visit and have lunch at .

Hubby has also included a couple of brilliant photo's of the birds he photographed at the zoo .

If you remember I bought him a new camera at Christmas , now he can no longer even get up a hill let alone mountaineer so he had to find something else to make him feel he is doing something worthwhile , with a bit of real expertise added .........well he's definitely getting the expertise and I'm well proud of him, hopefully this year we will have some nice event photo's to put on in October for you all to see.

There's also pictures of Corrina's step-mum and dad at there lovely cottage and a silly one of me on the balcony of the flat with binoculars looking at hubby who looking at me with his camera ................the things us oldie's do for fun :o

So have a look and enjoy .


A very glued up Ami at this time as I'm working on Topaz again............. :)

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oh ami, i just LOVE the photo?s!!!!!!!!!!!! would you plezse thank your husband for taking these beautifl photo?s and sharing them???!!!

we have photo's of perranporth as well (really LOVED the beach there) AND padstow (LOVED that harbour and the little shops and the area which i forgotten the name of but is GREAT for walking and walking). we also have a beautiful photo of watergate bay. have to go now, will send you my email address later today.

again thank you sooooooooo much!!!

corina :o

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