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Hypovolemia & Blood Pressure


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For years I would almost pass out when getting up too quick. It was getting worse and then about a year and a half ago I started having all of these other symptoms: eye dysfunctions related to the brain, severe brain fog, dry mouth/throat, random heart racing. My whole life I've had a normal blood pressure. All of a sudden a year ago I had a high blood pressure and it's been that way ever since (a few random times it's been low). Since then I haven't had the "woozy", almost passing out episodes when standing up. It seems like my body is vasocontricting to keep the low amount of blood in my system circulating. Has anyone encountered this? (your system increasing your blood pressure in reaction to low blood volume?). Thanks.

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there's no way for you to know if it's that your body is responding to low bp or low volume or the combo of the two.

By definition, dysautonomia includes abnormally high bp. I have both high and low bp... my hr is usually climbing as my bp is falling, then when my hr levels off and my bp keeps going down, I get dizzy, and if I don't lie down, I'll pass out.


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