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Does Dr. Grubb Require Referrals?


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You need a referral from another doctor calling Dr. Grubb's office on your behalf, stating that you have dysautonomia, or strongly suspected to have it, and they will set up the appointment if he will/can see you.

Expect to wait 8 months for an appointment with Dr. Grubb, you could try to get an appointment with his NP, Bev, that may get you in sooner, but I assume you still need a call made on your behalf.

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Yes, he does require a referral, but it doesn't have to be from a pcp.

Can you call one of your doctors and ask them to do a referral? Then you won't have to pay the copay for an office visit.

Just so you know, Dr. Grubb is booked into December right now. So expect to wait a little while for a visit!


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We actually didn't need a referral. Chrissy's first appt. with him was about 4 years ago, so maybe things have changed. Since you live in Ohio (I'm not sure how far you are from Toledo), maybe you could make an appt. with Beverly first and get in a lot sooner?

Good luck, he's worth the wait.


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