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Rebuilding Our Home!


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This has been the third week of our "rebuilding our home"-project, and it seems that everything is going very well (with the rebuilding i mean :) ).

We now have new window frames all around the house and as they are synthetics (but look like wooden) it will save my hubby lots of time in which we can go out together and do fun things.

This week our downstairs washroom will be completely renovated and next week our brandnew kitchen will be installed.

So within two weeks all the workingmen will have left our home and my hubby will be at home for the whole month of march to do the painting and wallpapering in our bedroom, study and the livingroom. So there's enough work left for him, but after that we will have a great home, with adjusted kitchen and we will buy new furniture and i am sure i will feel so happy about all the changes we made!!!

For those of you who don't know (or couldn't remember :lol: ), we have been looking for another house (appartment or bungalow) so that every room would be available for me, for two years and didn't succeed. We than decided to stay where we are and adjust our home and eventhough it is wearing me out and it is so very difficult to have the men around all day (although it is so much fun to NOT be alone) i am already VERY HAPPY with the changes we made (and will make)!!!

corina :lol:

oh no!!!! i meant to post this in the chit chat section. i am so sorry nina, to cause you extra work, but could you please correct this for me?

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It must be exciting to get a "new home" without having to leave the place that is familiar to you. I know I get excited when we just change a paint color or move the furniture to a different position.

I would LOVE to have a new kitchen--ours is only about 10 years old, but is starting to show some wear and tear, especially on the countertops. We recently had new floors put in 3 rooms of our house, so now there are almost no areas with carpetting, which were making my allergies worse. We'll have to save some money so we can change out the counters in the future...and maybe little bit lower counter height b/c I'm so short?...but... that would probably mean new cabinets too, so I'll probably just have to live with using a stool so I can reach everything.

I'm sure it will be lovely once it's all done. Oh, and no problem moving your post. :)


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oh yes, i?m definitely very excited about it!!!

we will also have new floors in our kitchen, livingroom, hall, the study and our bedroom, and last but not least we will change our garden, so that it will be more accessible for me. i can't wait for the spring to start!!!

corina :)

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