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I had a CT scan done on Friday morning. I had to drink barium for it. I'm having a hard time recovering from it. Since the barium, two days ago, I'm just not hungry. If I eat very much or am on my feet at all my stomach gets pretty upset. my tummy is sore to touch. I'm not too worried yet because I am able to eat a little. I'm not sure at what point to be concerned. Has anyone had this trouble with barium?

Any little thing makes my GI freak out.

oops. I'm sorry this posted twice...

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It is VERY common for Barium (the lovely drink that it is) to stop you up and really constipate you. It's very, very important that you drink a lot and treat the constipation. Yes, maybe fiber or some kind of laxative? I'm not sure (ask your doctor), but that is probably the problem since it's very common. I was just told to DRINK A LOT after the barium and I have never had a problem.

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Yuck, I've had to drink that stuff so many times...thinking of it gives me wretching sensations... ewe.

Anyway, it can really mess with your guts--so do drink fluids if you can. For me, drinking tea (with caffeine) seems to help b/c the stimulant component would get things "going" for me.

hope you've already "gone" and feel better by the time you read this. Nina

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