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Brown Rice


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Hi Everyone -

Well by accident, I've made a little discovery. Recently, I've eating organic brown rice with cinnemon and dried cranberries as a snack. I've noticed that about an hour after I eat it, I have a little energy burst and feel a little better. It doesn't seem to last very long, but was curious if anyone else eats brown rice (the kind you have to cook for like an hour) and has noticed any temporary improvement in energy level? Thanks for the input :)

- Tammy

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Brown rice is better in that it has the original nutrients, minerals and vitamins in this whole grain form, vs. the white rice which has been stripped of nutrients and then some of them are added back in. Brown rice does not cause the blood sugar spikes that white rice can. Brown rice takes longer to digest and has a lower glycemic index rating than white rice (which is a good thing). The dried cranberries will definitely make this higher on the glycemic index due to the sugars in them though. Adding the cinammon though can help control insulin levels and keep blood sugar on an even keel. So overall, you are making a very healthy dish. And if it's giving you energy, that's great!

I rarely ever eat white rice. I eat brown rice all the time though...yummmm.

Here's a little info on brown vs. white rice. Brown Rice - Wikipedia


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