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Student Loan Discharge

Dawg Tired

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Yes, indeed, I am still fighting to get my student loans discharged. I have been fighting this battle since 2003 and Saturday I recieved a letter from the U.S. Department of Education and I thought "aha! It's finally resolved!" Only to open the letter and see that I had been, once again, "turned over to a private collection agancy due to being in default".

Okay, I have harassed my good-natured doctor for... well, almost 4 years now! He has filled out form after form, written letters, made phone calls on my behalf. Each time something is mailed, I follow it up with a phone call to make sure the form or letter has arrived at the proper destination. But apparently, the U.S. Department of Education does not recognize the state agency I have been dealing with. Or the state agancy simply ignores protocol. Here is the web address of where to download the disability form once you get the the FEDERAL level. (It looks just like the state one to me - but what do I know??)

Student loan forms

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Oh do i understand your frustration!!.. I ve been fighting with the student loan discharge office in my state as well!

:):) I fought for over a year.. they kept telling me that they never recieved my forms and apps.. or that the forms where filled out wrong... they finally after i think the 3rd 4th application accepted it and i was approved or so i thought! for discharge of my loan... I never recieved any thing in the mail telling me other wise..

WELL.. COme about a month or so ago I got a letter in the mail telling me that my loan had been turned over to some agency..(cant think of it right now).. and that i should be recieveing information about starting monthly payments on my loan.. I was like WHAT!!!???

they said that my file had been turned over to the permanet discharge office.. and that even though i qualified for condotion dischagre.. that based on medical review i dont qualify for PERmanent discharge.. its abunch of hooey i tell ya

SO I have to start the stinkin' process all over again.. I was so mad.. and peeved..

good luck to you... may you be blessed with much needed patience :)

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I actually have FINALLY had mine completely, totally, and PERMANENTLY discharged. It took forever and a day. I am supposed to be refunded any money I paid into the loan- but, I'm not holding my breath! My recommendation is to make COPIES OF EVERYTHING! CALL! BE A PAIN! Seriously, you have to- this process was even more frustrating than the SSDI process- absolutely ridiculous. Understand that if you work AT ALL during the process- the whole thing will become null and void and the loan will be reinstated. You can have the loan defrred for a year at a time during the process so your credit won't be negatively affected for not making payments. Good luck to everyone trying to do this- it CAN be done but you have to really be persistent. (UNDERSTATEMENT!)


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