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Met A Doctor Who Knows What Pots Is


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Yesterday, I met a doctor (an emergency room physician) who knows what POTS is. She was walking next to me in the march on Washington yesterday to protest the war. When she told me that she was an ER physician, I gave her one of the DINET cards. She said she knows of other people who have POTS and other forms of dysautonomia. Then she said, "Do you have it?" I said yes. She said, "Then what are you doing out here today? Are you out of your mind? You're going to make yourself sick!" I held up the cane-with-a-seat that I was carrying and promised to sit down whenever we weren't actively walking. I can walk just fine. I told her that I was expecting to be bedridden the following day. (Actually, I feel pretty good today, which I attribute to the cane-chair (which I have named Hi-o Silver) and to the very very salty pretzel that we got from a street vendor.)

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