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Anyone Here Take Provera Pills, Not Depoprovera Injections (birth Control) For Stopping Menstrual Cycle?


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So have taken my first Provera pill, only 5mg but man I feel sick as a dog, it's 3.30 am and I can't sleep. It's like pins and needles and broken glass in my tummy.

I notice it says "sickness" is a "possible feeling" in the very VAGUE leaflet accompanying my prescription.

Anyone else find this med did weird things to them?

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hi persephone..

I ve been on provera the pill..to stop and or start periods.. off and on over 9 years.. and i notice that it upset my stomach (ie nausea-- mild cramping).. Ive found that if i take it with milk or eat food with it when i take it that it helps with the cramping.. though the nausea is there.. but to a milder degree.. but any nausea....stinks..

I hope that you adjust to this med.. and feel better...

big hugs dear!


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