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Hi again, sorry it's been so long since I've been here. Been pretty rough getting through the holidays and the dentist. The dentist was wonderful, he had me on an sadative IV, Saline IV, A blood pressure machine, and gas mask. He was super with the whole thing. My tooth ended up infected 2 days before going in and since I have this great condition they couldn't move it up. They ended up pulling my tooth, I'm alittle sad about that but hey whats another thing right? I need some advice please, I own a Salon that as taken me 10 years to get up and running. I have had so much stress in my life with owning a business and being a single mom for 8 years but I've been so proud of myself for holding on for so long. I got married 8 months ago and things are alot easier now BUT THEN this whole condition as happened. Tonight I went to work to make up for being gone for another week for the tooth thing and had a full blown episode. The feeling is so awful and so embrassing to me. I've canceled so many clients already. Am I feeling worse because of the tooth pull thing? and mixing so many meds? I feel like quitting my job that I love so much, and my clients are so great, but they deserve to have somebody reliable. 7 other girls rely on the salon for income too. What would you do ? Thanks for any imput! Rose

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Guest tearose

Oh, the dentist.. :o:(:o

Hey, this ordeal may be resolve very soon so try and ride the tide.

You love your work. Try to put a good treatment plan together till you get your feet firmly back on the ground and THEN make the job leaving decision. Maybe you can manage with some extra help for a short time and when you are feeling stronger you'll be happy to go back.

You already invested so much into your business...see if things will improve over the next couple weeks.

Hang in there!

best regards, tearose

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