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Diff Docs/diff Answers About Stop. Florinef

Donna F

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HI everyone,

First of all I am new to all the diff diagnoses, I have been diagnosed with well heart doc, calls it bradycardia and tachyardia, and have a pacemaker, he is not very understanding at all, i am on Xanax, Lopid(cholesterol), Sectral(BB) and Florinef.1 and a half a day, I have gained 20 lbs in a month or so, and also my stomach seems so full of fluid, lots of swelling face looks like a big round plump baby, etc. I went to a new doc out of town this week, he is great, Dr Charles Thompson in Pen, Fl, and he seems to think i need to change my meds, my heart doc who put me on the florinef and BB acted real ugly on Fri when i mentioned this, he told me to stop eating so much, i was 130 lbs and 5'9" when i became sick in the beg. around 2000 and it hit hard, i am depressed and not sure what to do, I hope someone can help me decide, i know my heart doc is good at what he does, although a jerk, but the doc who is a specialist with pots, seems to be more familiar and having headaches since on florinef too, scared also that gonna have prob swapping meds as well, anyone on midodrine? That is one mentioned swapping it for? Thanks for all of u, this new diag has been hard for me and my kids and glad to finally have people who seem to care about others!!


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I too put on weight with florinef 50lbs. But it worked, so I had no options or had already tried them. I can only offer one small piece of advice make sure you are ot on any vaso dialators. If you have a doc who was really good and understanding perhaps you could point out that florinef causes wt. gain. Good luck Miriam :)

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Thanks for your advice, that is what i am afraid of is that i will end up having to keep the weight on, although i am going thru a seperation, i guess with this illness dating is totally not optional now, and it was working but i think now my body is doin what it wants and may need a change, glad it works for you and thanks!


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