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Water Intake.


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I'm curious about this too. I haven't been able to figure out how much to drink. Lately, I've been drinking about 3-4 liters in a day (water, gatoraide, and pedialyte). My doctor says 2.5L, 3 if I do cardio. Whatever I do I can't seem to get hydrated. They think I might have Central Diabetes Insipidus, but they agree that it doesn't make sense that my electrolyte levels were balanced. Desmopressin made me feel terrific for about 2 weeks then slowly I'm getting more and more dehydrated. When I'm on the med, if I drink I get hyponatremic, while I'm off if I drink I pee it out 30 min to an hour later.

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Guest tearose

Good Question! I never asked how much others drink. I guess our weight and height also come into play here?

I am 5'3 and about 110 lbs. I drink about 40 oz between rising and lunch and then start tapering down to 30-40oz for the rest of the afternoon. Maybe 10 oz more between dinner and sleep.

My average would be approx 80 per day.

I think this is good to get a better knowledge of...no body, not even my doctors ever asked how much. Only asked if I felt like I drank enough.

best regards, tearose

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I usually get a total of 70oz of fluids in a day (roughly 50 of gatorade, 4 of carnation instant breakfast, 8 of chicken buillion and about 8 of skim milk) unfortunately due to the gastroparesis I am virtually only getting this in, no solids, except for a few bites here and there.


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I am always thirsty, even during the night.

I use to get up with an extremely dry mouth, tongue and throat. It is so dry that I am unable to speak correctly.

My tongue seems swollen and it is difficult to pronounce the words.

I think I do not produce saliva when I am sleeping or at least not enough.

When I wake up I have to make an effort to produce extra saliva to speak.

I would be drinking water at night, when sleeping, but I already use the toilet too much...

During a normal day I can drink

2 Aquarius (Gatorade is the same)

around 8 or 9 glasses of water

1 juice

Must be around 3 litres/day.

(Even more in the summer).



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I drink 3.6 litres a day, give or take. Some days I need an extra 450ml. I can drink that much and still feel thirsty!

Of the 3.6 litres, about 500-750ml of that is a sports drink.

Amazing for someone who used to only drink about 1.6 a day :unsure:

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