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Hyperdynamic Left Ventricle Systolic Contractility

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If anyone can explain this to me...I have appointment next week with my doctor but since we picked up the report form cardiologist today I would like to know sooner if I could. It was found on a Echo that was done last year,becuase of doctor confusion and stupid doctors we never got the report. My tachy has been worse this past year and even worse the past few weeks. But anyway if anyone can shed some light on what this means I would appreciate it. Thanks!

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hi there, all that hyperdynamic left ventricular systolic contractility means is that your hearts ejection fraction (how much UMMPH the heart muscle, or in this case your left ventricle can contract or squeeze to eject blood from your left ventricle out systemically).

a normal EF (ejection fraction) is roughly around 50-65%. so your's is most likely over 65%, probably more like 75 if they are saying "hyperdynamic".

hope your tachy gets better. i know how you feel. <_<<_<

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Hi Corina, <_<<_<:D:D Hugssss!

Thanks so much cardiactec I was hoping you would see the post and could explain. :D So would that cause any symptoms or is it just something that my heart does? Thanks again!

I am sorry you know how I feel and hope yours is better soon too!

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hi stacey,

no problem. glad i can help.

there are a number of different things that can cause it. it could mean hypovolemia, it could mean that you have LVH (left ventricular hypertrophy, thickening of the ventricle), some valve problems can cause it, any sort of outflow obstruction can cause it....did your echo report say anything other than LV hyperdynamic systolic contractility? usually if there was any underlying issue to cause that, they would mention it in the report......it can cause symptoms depending on the underlying cause. it can also be a normal variant in young athletes or younger crowd.

take care and feel better!

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