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Dont Ask Me Why I Did It ...but I Did.


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It would appear that 2007 is going to be one of those years when hubby calls in the men in white coats to take me for a long holiday wearing a nice jacket with straps on the back :lol::lol:

Now that I'm better I remember way back doing the very same thing and suffering , what an idiot I am :blink:

You see yesterday I was having a very rare 'good day' :o hardly any pain , sweating a bit but felling 'hunky-dory' so here am I at 9 pm going to take my cocktail of drugs ( and I do mean cocktail ) and this thought comes into my head ' here' I think to myself ' I wonder IF I really need such strong painkillers at night now ???? after all I've been alright today ' .........yep you guessed it I DIDN'T TAKE MY PETHERDINE .

Laid there and was fine at about 11pm...12 ...10m then OMG the pain hit me like a sack of potatoes embedded with rusty nails .....arms , legs, hips, back , so reaching for the tablet I managed to drink down the last of the drink in my 'tippy cup' ( yes, the ones that kids use to stop them spilling it , great for night times when your as stiff as a board , and a good talking point at posh dinner parties , if you want a laugh) anyhow drunk all in my cup ..........but drug not gone all the way down :blink: so carefully getting the big bottle thats beside my bed in the pitch black I managed to take a swig ............jiggled around a bit and the tablet went down .............all's well we think ...........NO !

Laid down and suddenly felt .............errrrrr.......sick ....very sick . :(

By this time hubby who apparently without me knowing was watching all my little jiggles and swigs etc, so he go up and went to the loo ..........just as I wanted to throw ............so dragging myself across the bed I managed to reach the plastic litter bin ..............ah ! thats better .

Heard hubby go downstairs , so thought I'd nip ( ha, ha, with a bucket of sick ) out of bedroom to bathroom and wash face, teeth and bucket , no problems with this , left bucket in bath after washing and made for the door................................. just as I went to open door unbeknown to me hubby was just about to open door from the other side ............he holding a glass of water ( for me ) and me well ...................in the natural state !

Husband , glass, me and door all collided ........OMG was the water cold :)

So having screamed ( according to husband ) like a woman possessed , well wouldnt you if you collided with a man with a glass of freezing cold water at 2 am in the morning in the pitch dark and wanting to heave again , we managed to rid me of my sickness, wipe the floor and go back to bed ( me still with my litter bin) all in under an hour :)

So what lesson have I learnt from this guys.....................If in doubt take the tablets , then ask the doctor her advice before messing around or you to could meet a naked man with a glass of cold water in the middle of the night ..............Oh ! if only I had the strength ( blush, blush )

Willows....................a few pounds lighter from her nighttime activities , silly woman.

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Thanks for keeping us laughing! You are halarious!


p.s. Youre not the only one who has tried "ditching" her pills on a good day and then paid for it! Ugh!!

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Well now here's the NOT such a funny thing .........................

Its my son's 16th birthday in a few weeks so I'm starting to look about for a few nice things for him, so far I've managed to 'grab' him a gold and diamond signet ring of one of those shopping channel for a brilliant price :) so I was up very early this morning sorting it .........along with my son who was looking like death warmed up and suffering from what he said must be the equivalent to monthly pains :D he couldnt sit, stand or lay down , so from 5 am onwards he was pacing while I was trying to quietly make phone calls without him hearing, rather like a game of follow the leader around the house trying to avoid each other , at one point I was in the bathroom sitting on the lid of the loo talking to the ring people ..........flushing the toilet every few minutes in an effort to stifle my words ............I'm sure my son must have thought I had terrible diarrhea with all the noise I was making , but it worked as he has no idea what I was up to .

So 7am came .................along with the litter bin again :D I tell you that litter bin has seen more sick action than all the litter its ever had put into it in its life time !:lol::lol:

Poor boys has spent today in bed , white as a sheet at first then a shade of dingy yellow ...........more fluids boy thats whats needed ...........in rather than out by the way <_<

I'm now wondering if this is a virus and who's next ............well , we all know who's left in the household and that's 'Hubby' .

As you may know he's got this aversion to sick , so today he has been starving himself in an effort to avoid a session with the litter bin :D

but as I said to him ' Darling , now look , lets be sensible , we dont know if this is a bug or virus and we dont know how long this bug or virus takes to 'Erupt' ( I like that word made hubby go pale at the thought :lol: ) so starving yourself is stupid ' .................to which he literally galloped into the kitchen and wolfed down a cherry and almond tart ...........you'll be sorry <_<

So our faithful litter bin may be needed later tonight or in the morning for the last member of the family , and I'm now thinking of giving it an award for faithful service to the family ...........I'll sleep on it ( no not the bin, fool ! )

Well I'm off , I'm glad I'm not the only one who suffers from the 'lets see' syndrome ...never again .

Bye , bye from Willows .............and a swish from her trusty bin :lol:

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Well guys things are getting much worse here and no ones smiling or laughing any more , in fact I feel terribly guilty :)

Our little litter bin has been on a couple of trips now , last night after my son Mike was terrible sick and still suffering with terrible 'period pains' we took him to the on-call doctors for assessment as he now looks so pale and really ill.

The 15 miles + trip took us about 20 mins late at night and I can tell you it was a long 20 mins.

Mike is now supposed to have a stomach virus ............but it doesn't add up at all , this is his symptoms;

Chronic low stomach pains for the last 30 hours, sick twice , but not enough to make sence to fit a very bad virus , he's getting dehydrated and looking slightly yellow , he has a temperature of 38 + and he has a slightly red/sore throat . We were told that he has the sickness /diarrhoea virus ....but after 30 + hours of chronic pain you'd have thought he would have 'been' like someone who'd eaten 6 madras Curry's by now ..........yet not a drop ......nothing . He was given painkillers last night , which didn't work so this morning have been up with him all night rolling around the bed , getting him hot water bottles ( that didnt work) trying to get him to drink ( that didnt work either) we went back to the doctors on -call who have now given him under the lip anti-sickness drugs in order to get him to drink and not bring it back up .

Both Hubby and I are fine , so is his girlfriend ( who I know he snogs :lol: ) and all his mates are fine , when you think of this and how close they all are , especially Kelly his girlfriend ..............why haven't one or more of them got it ????

We are so worried now and I feel so helpless , Mikes upstairs now so tired he doesn't know what to do with himself , still in pain .......but now no sickness..............so its a game of wait it out and see .

I still think he may have the start of an appendix problem , as I had this at his age and I was not diagnosed until it was on the point of bursting , some 6 days of agony.

So little green little bin has had a few emergency runs in the past twp days .............seem a lot of action , from the inside and out B) and there it sits now by my sons side on his bed ( just in case ) I really must find an award for all its loyal service to us .

Willows.................so tired and so worried .

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