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Hi :)

As I mentioned a few days ago, I started taking Atenolol and I was feeling much better. The problem was that the cardiologist (yes, the one we talked about previously and who we do not trust) mentioned that Atenolol had many side effects because it affected other organs.

He then prescribed Bisoprolol (2,5 mg. in the morning and 2,5 mg. in the evening).

I did not trust him but I asked at the Chemist about it and they confirmed that Bisoprolol is a specific medicine for the heart. They said I was taking a very low dosis of Atenolol and that I could perfectly change from one to the other.

Yesterday, in the evening I took my first 2,5 mg. of Bisoprolol.

I woke up with a heavy headache, nauseas, nights sweats, pain in the nape of my neck and on both right side and left side of my neck. I was feeling as if both sides of my neck had swollen and I could feel my pulse in the neck (not fast but strong). :(

I tried to call my husband to ask for help, but was unable to talk loud and I had to wait... Finally, at around 8.30 am I started feeling slightly better. My headache was fading away, though not the pain on both sides of the neck and the feeling that it was swollen. My husband woke up and I told him what was wrong with me. I drank 1/2 glass of water (I needed water after the sweats)...

I was extremely hungry and had a good breakfast. I took Atenolol (instead) + the antiinflammatory (Inyesprin) I use to take.

I was feeling tired and had to sleep for a couple of hours.

When I woke up, I was feeling better, though I felt pain in my throat. I looked in the mirror and it seemed to me that the front of my neck was a little swollen. But my husband said he did not see it swollen.

I bet it is just a feeling.

By the end of today, my throat hurts, it is painful to talk and to swallow.

I wonder if I had a bad reaction to Bisoprolol.

What do you think?

Thank you for your answers,



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