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Possible Emergency


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Tonight my body is not letting me sleep. I'm not sure whether to go to the emergency room or not.

I felt kinda bad before I went to bed (shivers, weak). My body woke me up an hour later and I was wide awake. That was about 3.5 hours ago. I've tried several times to go to sleep. Feels like adrenaline might be in my system. There's a weird burny feeling in my chest. My blood pressure is a little high. When I woke up at first my breathing felt labored, I have very dry mouth. I saw the kidney doctor ealier today and he said I looked very deydrated. Right after that I took desmopressin (2:30p) and have been drinking fluids all day. Took desmopressin again at 11p. Only urinated a few times. I've been continuing to sip liquids.. I can't tell if I'm water intoxicated or dehydrated and unable to

Yesterday almost the same thing happened, but after taking desmo and drinking some fluids I felt better and got about 6.5 hours sleep. My dry throat/mouth/sticky spit slowly went away.

(Age 35, Incomplete Central Insipidus)

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these are questions for your doctor... also most of the folks here have dysautonomia, not insipidus, so the likelihood that you're going to get informed responses on that topic or on symptoms or insipidus meds isn't that great. I think we have a few members who've been diagnosed with insipidus out of more than 1000 people--and I'm not sure if those folks are currently active on the forum.


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