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Just Back From The Dr.


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I just got back from the MVP/Dysautonomia clinic in B'ham (which I recommend if you're down in 'Bama). Right now I take 25 mg/atenonol at night. He recommended working up to taking an extra one during the day. The medicine has helped with the dizziness, etc., but it makes me sleepy. Now that I'm adjusted to it, it's alright since I take it right before bed. But I already get so tired during the day, that I'm afraid taking it in the morning is going to make that worse. The thing is, of course, if it helps, then it should help the fatigue...eventually. But I just can't decide what to do, and he told me I'd have to make the final decision based on how I was feeling on any particular day.

Does anybody else here take atenonol in the morning? How does it affect you? Anybody take an increased dose only on as-needed?


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I am taking ATENOLOL 25 mg/day (1/2 in the morning and 1/2 in the evening)

I am sure that we do not react to all meds in the same way.

I do not feel sleepy while taking it, at least for now, I started with ATENOLOL a few days ago, so I do not think I am the perfect person to talk about it.

I agree with your doctor. Make your decision based on how you feel. Who can know better how you feel?

You might get more useful answers than mine: I hope.

Take care,



(I do not take an increased dose when needed)

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