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Hubby just this week started it. The Dr is starting him very slowly - like 30 mg every other day for the first month then up to 30 mg per day then increasing if he tolerates that....

We are hoping it will help with his constant headaches from his head injury.

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I asked about unusual side effects with Cymbalta recently because I went positively loopy on it for the first week- it was like legalised speed for me- I was waking up at 4am, powerwalking to the gym for it opening at 7am, couldn't sit still, had a fixed stare, was in no pain whatsoever with any of my joints. However, it also stopped me peeing because it tightens the sphincter muscle. Good idea to start on a low dose and work up to avoid such extremes! It is a good drug and has helped loads with my energy levels and joint pain from EDS (except when I got flu a couple of weeks back- haven't shaken it off yet).

Please can people search topics before they post? It's *really* silly for people to read stuff that's only recently been discussed; a lot of us don't want to have to type out the same stuff again and again! <_< It also is a good way of saving energy for everyone.

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