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Sugar Levels


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if anyone knows anything about this or can recommend a good website or article, please let me know, i was wondering what a person's normal sugar level should be right after eating not a big meal, and then what it should it be maybe about a half hour after eating and not eating meat or something heavy or a full stomach. and what some of your fasting sugar levels are. any info and input would be appreciated, thanks


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Those numbers, exact ranges, should be availible somewhere...but, till someone comes up with that, I can tell you a few things...

55 or lower is hypoglycemia. An endocrinologist told me that when I was being tested for it. I was usually around 60-65, so she didn't consider me hypoglycemic.

Perfect blood sugar is 80.

More than 250 constituted diabetes. But, my father is a diabetic, and he feels wirey at 110 or 120. He was in the 500 range, I think, when they firs discovered it (he was suppose to be hospitalized, but he fasted and drank tons of water and thereby avoided the doctors).

The thing is.... People really aren't the same. There will always be a personal range that might differ slightly from the average range. Like body temp, wieght, etc... So you should also pay some attention to how you feel. Like, if you feel lethargic and ready to pass out at 60, you might still have hypoglycemia. That might be like a 55 reading for you. Like my father feels like that sugar rage at 110... so doctors tell him it's a great number for a diabetic, but he knows it's not right 'cause of the way he's feeling.

Hope this is of some help

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