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Anyone Near Dayton, Ohio?


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I live in Miamisburg, Ohio and I'm also a teacher in a non-clinical medical high school program. I have an advisory committee of health care professionals at Miami Valley Hospital and the Kettering Network. I am planning to do a presentation on POTS at my next advisory meeting because I'm tired of everyone in this area having their heads you know where.

If you live in Dayton, I'd like to know so I can tell them how many patients there are in the area. Also tell me about the quality of your care at any of the area hospitals. I want to do something to change this; I'm not waiting around for them to experiment with me and figure it out!!!




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Dr. Sargent in Beavercreek knows what's up after dealing with my long ordeal of going to different specialists and Cleveland Clinic. Also, Dr. Bulow for a heart doctor. These people helped me recover almost completely from this horrible illness. I went from being in a wheelchair and sleeping 18 hours a day to becoming a fitness instructor and only having symptoms near my period and on really hot days.

Please contact me anytime at: leigh.michelsen@gmail.com

I have been away from the site because I got so sick of reading posts from people saying they couldn't do this or that to get better because they had the illness worse than anyone on here. I'm telling you, I had a top-tier diagnosis...it can happen with a lot of hard work and determination!!!!!!!!!

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