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  1. what dr are u set up to see at the clinic?? have as much documentation with u or sent before ur appt as possible it will speed things up a lot! i just started seein dr jaeger in sept and so far so good i really liked him and their clinic all together very big but all inclusive its nice not to have to go everywhere to get and do everything! anyway i wish u well i understand what u r goin thru i am a nurse and had to stop getting my next degree which i was in the middle of and had to quit workin and i have 3 small children ! im here if u need to talk too!
  2. i'm with dizzygirl i started having sypmtoms as a teenager and was 5'5" and thin i was a dancer and then through the yrs with three pregnancys and all these other health issues i gained more then i would like to admit or say and i hate it cuz it makes me feel even worse soemtimes but anyway short and nto pleasantly plump!!lol o and obviously female!!(pregnancies)
  3. extremely sensitive to it my heart goes crazy and then all the other symptoms kick in shortly after its put me in the hospital once or twice too b4 i realize what it was
  4. try knee high maybe and try to have someone show u how to put them on in a different way maybe i ama nurse and was an aide for many years there are a few tricks to try likestart with them inside out sorry u r having so much trouble and hope u get a way to work for u!
  5. sorry!! ........and not actually dx with yet that is pending..... have had problems and symptoms since ,y teens just didnt know what it was till recently with in the past year when some family members were dx with it and finally i wasnt crazy and all the puzzle pieces finally came together!!!
  6. 1. Candace 2. 26 3. POTS 4. 25 5. Dayton, OH and the rest is just about everything under the sun just constantly up and down good and bad days currently have 3 little boys ages 4, 2, and 6 months and still breastfeeding but symptoms are hard right now because of the breast feeding i can't take a lot of meds right now so for now just a beta blocker low dose which works for right now but has severely bottomed me out to the point of er visit via ambulance and vitamins and water and gatorade
  7. I think just like everyone each POTS person is different and i would def try a patch test! me personally had my belly button pierced years ago (before kids)! and a tattoo and the tattoo guy said he had never had anybody pass out on him b4 and i warned him i might and then bout 5 or 10 minutes in he said i'll be right back and giot the smelling ssauce stuff and i passed out just as he got back and did the same thing with the belly button ring...are your ears pierced?? i got really light headed and almost passed out then too and that was years ago prob like 20 yrs ago and the tattoo like 10 yrs and bellly ring like 9 yrs ago...anyway to each their own and everybody is diff try a small tattoo first if u can and def let the person doing it know that you might react a certain way so that they r prepared and not surprised and if u can have someone with u that u trust and can help u and knows u well enuf in case somethin does happen!! anyway hope this helps and good luck!!
  8. does anybody ever feel like they are tilted when they are sitting up but havent moved or anything but just feel like their body is moved more horizontally than vertically...i dunno very weird and anytime i mention this i always get the funny looks and the this woman is crazy kind of response!...just curious!
  9. i know exactly what you are talking about... after three kids all c-sections and being a nurse... def know what you are saying .. I was always the nurse who could give shots and draw blood if i had to but could never take it and through all my pregnancies and tests and everything i still have extreme responses to pain ...blood being taken, shots, surgery, spinal block(OOWWWWW!!!!), and even extreme responses to stress where i either plumit and pass otu and flat line for a sec( turn blue appear to have tonic like seizure posturing) or complete opposite of extreme heat flush and intolerance of heat all in the same moment nausea, heart racing, chest pain, feeling like flight or fight basically and my body i guess does a toss up of which one it feels like doing at that moment Needless to say you are by no means alone in that feeling at all!! and most dr.s and nurses have no clue about POTS or any ANs issues and look at you crazy and always have soem kind of out for your symptoms ..anything but what it actually is atleast!
  10. i am currently in the same boat and hate it! except my income is the better of the two! but yes i know exactly where u r coming from and it makes feeling bad even worse and i just want a big hug not a bunch of tension! hope it all works out
  11. trying to figure out which one to go to for possible pots with syncope issues and such! anyone with any suggestions would be greatly appreciated and dr grubb came highly recommended but he does not accept my insurance so i have these dr.'s to choose from Dr. Thomas Chelimsky University Hospitals of Cleveland 11100 Euclid Ave. Cleveland, OH 44106 216-844-3495 Dr. Gerald E. Grossman University Hospitals of Cleveland Department of Neurology 11100 Euclid Avenue Cleveland, OH 44106-5040 216-844-8925 Dr. Barry DeRan 5705 Monclova Rd. Suite 204 Maumee, OH 43537 419-897-7611 POTS, NCS Dr. Fetnat Fouad-Tarazi Head Syncope Clinic, Dept. of Cardiovascular Medicine (F15) Cleveland Clinic 9500 Euclid Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44195 216-444-5828 POTS, NCS, PAF/Secondary Autonomic Failure, MSA, Other Autonomic Disorders Autonomic Laboratory
  12. i live in centerville! trying to find a dr close by here and have no luck have had problems for over couple years and have been to every kind of dr and nothin so im about to go ahead and pick which dr in toledo or soemthin to go to because i cant find anything even somewhat close by
  13. yea unforunately it is pretty far from me about 4 hrs one way and dr grubb doesnt except my insurance ...i have 3 little boys one im trying to nurse and long trips become very hard for all of us!
  14. i live in dayton have u been to the osu dr.s??? im looking for a dr that knows about pots but they are the closest to me?
  15. I have been having probblems for a couple years with flare ups off and on and had found out about pots from a cousin diagnosed with it in another state she educated me about it and being a nurse i went further researched it and have been tryin to find a doctor to take me seriously and quit telling me that its just anxiety or mitral valve prolapse being symptomatic and that i am basically crazy but after goin to a family dr a neurologist a cardiologist and everything i still am yet to find a dr close to me that actually has the proper education and specializes in such a disorder.... i live in dayton, oh and the closest i can find a dr from this website was in columbus at osu so has anybody been there or at the dr in maumee and does anyone know of another dr that would be closer????
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