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Orthostatic Hypotension & Sleep Apnea


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Please do a search on recent topics - I posted links to several articles that link apnea and autonomic function. Unfortunately I think I scattered the links across several related posts.

My husband is going through an amazing transformation right now and we can only hope that it is permanent and not just a temporary reprieve: his fatigue is normal, his brain fog is gone, his aches & pains are gone, his sweating and heat are gone, dizziness is gone, depression is gone. I just took his temperature a couple of day ago and for many years it has been about a point lower than the standard 98.6 (anywhere from 97.3 to 97.6) - it was 98.6.

Since 1998 his NCS symptoms have been constant, mostly controlled with medication with periodic flare-ups causing ER visits and extended time off of work. The last few months he has "felt better than he has in at least 10 years" (his quote). We can only assume it is the result of the improved sleep he now gets using the CPAP.

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I was diagnosed with sleep apnea just recently. I got about 41% sleep efficiency, but my oxygen didn't get that low---about 91%---he thought that wasn't too bad, but said it was probably that good because I woke up every time I had a respiratory event. I had 51 respiratory events in 3 1/2 hours. I thought he said one hour----but when I got the report he it showed 3 1/2 hours.

He said I need a c-pap study, but the first one went terrible---no sleep at all, and the c-pap nose mask bruised the whole area around my nose. And that was the only mask I could tolerate.

He said my apnea was due to an odd shaped larnyx, and I was wose on my back, but still had respiratory episodes on my side. I have problems with my upper cervical spine---and cranium area as you can see on my signature line. The whole area is not stable, and it doesn't surprise me that my larnyx is messed up also. However, I was surprised that I had apnea to that degree----I had no idea I wasn'r getting that much sleep. The pulminologist/neurologist said I need to get better sleep. He was concerned that the apnea on top of all my other problems could really make things bad for me.

Maxine :0)

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