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Sodium Lvl when taking Sodium  

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I guess I need to clarify...He thinks that it might be a reason for POTS, like a deficiency that would lead to nerve misconnections and therefore the POTS symptoms. So, the Adrenal gland is overproducing Aldosterone and that results in the symptoms that lead to the disorder over time. I have low levels even with 3% and I'm wondering if other have had the same experience.

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:blink: Yuck....sodium...I have tried to add more to my diet, but have trouble with taste and can only tolerate it on french fries. My cardio recomended that I start on sodium tablets and I take these every 4 hours along with my proamatine. My sodium was at the bottom of the range and hopefully the next check it will have increased. I do feel better and the dizziness is better when I take the sodium tablets on a regular basis. If I forget a dose or two, I can tell.
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i approximated my answers on the poll b/c i get any/all of my nutrition intravenously these days. in my TPN (nutrition) i get 275 meqs - much higher than the "norm" in intravenous nutrition and an additional 2 liters of .09% saline. i answered that i get 3% daily b/c with my TPN sodium it would equate to that.

i guess i don't totally follow the salt theory your doc is proposing but am guessing it's related to sodium/potassium channels in the body.

we know though that i have actual nerve damage based on testing (throughout multiple body systems). my diagnosis is autonomic failure/ progressive autonomic neuropathy.

regardless, my sodium levels have always been in the norm range with the exception of when i've been malnourished overall b/c of gastroparesis issues. it varies within the norm range so i replied middle of the road but it varies from low norm to high norm; mine is actually tested weekly. when i've had sodium urine done it's always been okay as well though i don't recall where in the range it fell.

i've been on high-sodium intake for a good ten years ago - primarily orally with only periodic IV supplementation until this past year.

:blink: melissa

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