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I Know I Did An Mvp Poll But....


What is your primary symptom to those with POTS and MVP?  

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How bout all of the above. Most of my family members, including myself have POTS & MVP but I'm not going to quantify 1 symptom over another and how much they bother me. It depends on the the individual day, because some symptoms bother me worse on 1 day vs another. Each person is individual and I'm not sure what you are hoping to gain here.

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hi briarrose,

gain something or gain nothing, research is research - whether you get answers or not, there is still a goal in mind - to try and get to the bottom of things. instead of focusing in on how poorly i feel, i am trying not to do so by spending some time researching various factors of pots and dysautonomia. it's hard because i dont feel too hot, but it's worth the while if answers come out of it. i'm not waiting around for doctors to find the answers, cuz guess what, i bet it is one or all of us who comes up with the answers to all this. nobody knows our bodies like when know them ourselves. this is all i'm trying to do. i work with cardio's all the time, so i hear the in's and out's of MVP and i think none of them take it as seriously as it should be taken (not that it could kill you or anything, but it's correlation with dysauto) - because i believe that there is a connection btwn posturally driven tachy and MVP. and i am out to prove it. :)

i ask the primary symptom question with those who have both MVP and POTS for a reason, but i dont want to tell you the reason behind it because it could skew the results of this poll

thanks for your reply.

take care. :)

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