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Rumination Syndrome


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Well I am not for positive, but 99.9% sure that my dr has dx me with rumination syndrome... he left me a message, and of course it was on my cell so a bit cracky- but the def. of rumination syndrome is exactly what i a have.

I am wondering if anyone has it, or knows someone that does. is this common in POTS patients? I have tried 'researching' it online, however i am not finding much info on it. What are the treatment options? At one point my dr had mentioned surgery to tighten the LES (lower esophgeal sprinchter). Howevever, I am not sure if he was reffering to the surgery if it was the rumination syndrome, or something else.... I have been dealing with this with the dr for 3 months- so I dont remember everything he told me 3 months ago, and I will be going to see him next friday, but i have a thing with waiting! I want to get as much info as possaible! Thanks for any help!


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jess -

i know it can be frustrating to not get replies so just wanted to let you know that in reading every post on the board for at least the past year & a half there hasn't ever been a discussion of rumination syndrome. there are a handful of folks who have issues with swallowing though.

i hope you get some answers soon. i know that waiting is the worst.

:( melissa

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hello- are you still with the same diagnosis?

I just saw this message. I have PoTS and Ehlers Danlos and my doc thinks I have Rumination Syndrome. I've been hospitalized for 2 weeks because of a very big flare up in my regurgitation (can't keep it down anymore). He said that it is probably linked to PoTS as it has to do with your stomach and its autonomic nervous system. Did you doctor change his diagnosis or not? If I have RS, I've had it for 15 years, so it will be probably impossible to reverse the effects.

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