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At The Emergency Room


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My husband took me to the cinema yesterday. We thought it was a great idea and were looking forward to having a wonderful time together.

Even though the noise and the flashes of light from the movie, made me feel some discomfort, I did not wanted to leave. I had to close my eyes sometimes during the movie, but stayed until the end.

When it finished and we had to walk down the stairs, I noticed strong nauseas. We went to the terrace for me to breath fresh air. My husband was helping me to walk because I was feeling extremely dizzy and with chest pain... (BTW, my eyes were red and I was lightheaded).

The best idea would have been to go back home, but I had to buy some Aquarius and gluten free products I needed. We stopped at the Supermarket and although my husband said he would buy it, I had to go myself to get the products I can buy. We bought in around 15 minutes or less. I was still very dizzy and with chest pressure.

I ate something and drank an Aquarius. I went to bed early...

Today, I got up and went to work. I was still feeling dizzy and with some chest discomfort, but it was much better than yesterday. I thought I would feel better.

I took an Aquarius with me (1 litre) and started drinking it the moment I got to my office (very thirsty).

I was also eating a lot, biscuits, almonds, cookies (but this is usual).

When my husband called me around 1 1/2 hour later, I was feeling very dizzy and with some chest discomfort. For three times I thought I would faint. People at work said I should go the ER and rest. And, so we did.

At the ER. :angry:

I should have known that it was useless when the doctor asked what the problem was and I started explaining it. When I added it could be POTS, she was staring at me as if I were talking about UFO... Then I said, POTS was a kind of Dysautonomia, but her expression was the same. (I am sure she was thinking: what is she talking about?)

After the usual questions they checked my blood pressure: 120/85 (strange, as it is normally around 100/50)

Suggar level was 75

The doctor asked for an electrocardiogram.

When all the leads were placed, they started the electrocardiogram...Well, tried to start.

The nurse said one lead had to be disconnected as it showed nothing (on my left side). She checked it and was surprised to see it was still on me. She tried to start the electro again, but once again, said it had to be misplaced because it did not show the data... When she checked it, to confirm it was still on me :lol: and had no idea why it was not working, she tried another area on my body.

The first paper of the electriocardiogram seemed to show some data that did not fit with what they were expecting. The nurse turned towards the doctor and said: I think it is the paper. I will do it again.

They tried to carry the electrocardiogram for 3 times, because on the two first, (according to their comments) one of the figures was completely strange and could not be right. They threw them away and accepted the third one because that one showed a perfect electrocardiogram.


She asked me twice if my GP had made a diagnosis about it. Then she asked my husband... She suggested going back to my GP... And finally said she thought it was anxiety...


Of course, we are not happy about the result of our journey to the ER. The doctor had never heard about POTS and dysautonomia. It was frustrating.

Before leaving, as I was unable to think clearly (lightheaded), some movements and... Do not remember exactly what... But the doctor witnessed it and was astonished to see I was having problems to concentrate and admitted there was something wrong, but she did not change a word of her previous diagnosis.

As we were not satisfied but worried about me, we went to a Chemist (a friend of us) and asked them to check my blood pressure. She was unable to hear my pulse...! :lol:

Another person had to do it... Finally he said my blood pressure was: 120/70 and a pulse of 83

(around 10 minutes after the visit to the ER)

And here I am, at home, after a journey to nowhere...

The only positive information I can give you is the following:

As I said before, I started drinking the Aquarius this morning. I have been feeling better (after drinking 1 litre) and wonder if I am better because I have been drinking it... I haver never recovered and felt better (though not 100%) without resting, laying down or taking an antiinflammatory medicine... It is the first time that I feel slightly better without doing this and we wonder if this can be because of the Aquarius...

At least I am not as bad as I was yesterday and this morning...

What do you do when you go to the ER and they have no idea about POTS?

What do you do when you are worse? Do you get fluids? Antiinflammatory drugs?

What can I do if I am worse again?

Should I try a different ER at a different Hospital?

Thank you for your support and help.

And a big thank you to all of you who suggested me drinking Aquarius. It was helpful!

Take care,



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hey tessa,

i am so sorry about your experience in the e.r.

i work in the e.r. and cardiology unity doing both stress testing and ekg's, so about the "troubles" with the ekg machine, typically if the nurses are trying to operate the ekg machine, usually they dont know how to troubleshoot it. i have seen this one too many times when we have to put the e.r. on back up call because us cardio techs are just too busy to service the e.r. ourselves. they, alot of them anyway, are clueless as to how to work the ekg machine, which is pretty funny considering it is one of the most user friendly type machines IN THE WHOLE ENTIRE HOSPITAL. so it probably wasnt a problem with your heart, just a technicality problem in emergency room personnel not knowing how to operate the machines (ususally cuz they rely on the cardio techs so much, that their familiarity with ekg is slim to none - heh, and dont even ask about them trying to interpret the ekg when they actually get it to print out! ha, i have corrected one too many nurses and even docs about rhythm interpretations, etc) .........

what i would do is print out one of the pots/dysautonomia brochures on this site and bring it to ANOTHER e.d. ........if you are still feeling poorly, trying a different emergency room might be the key, along with brining a dysatuo brochure with you. the chief er doc where i work didnt have a clue about pots/dysautonomia until i landed up his patient one night while trying to do an ekg on a patient and ending up the patient myself cuz i was so sick. i explained the whole deal to him and even though he seemed to "somewhat" "get it" about the problem, it wasnt until i gave him a pots brochure that i pulled from this site that the light bulb went on. he thanked me for giving him the info and said to me "now i know what to look for when ONE OF YOU PEOPLE walk through the door". hahaha. he was cute about it and said that he was sorry i had to deal with pots every day. he is funny, he is always walking up to me, at all times of the day, takes my pulse, shakes his head and asks how i do it (he REALLY cant get over it when the staff is freaking out over a patient who i'm performing an ekg on whose heart rate might be 140 and i'm standing there with a pulse of 180 some days!) ..........

so sorry you had to go through all that. i would suggest getting the brochure, and if you are still feeling poorly try to get ahold of your doc, and if that's not helpful, venture to another E.R ..........someone is bound to help you.

did they do blood work on you aside from blood sugar levels? did they give you IV fluids?

take care and feel better my friend.


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Hi Angela

Thank you for answering. :)

Thanks God, heart problems were ruled out not long ago, so I did not expected they could find a problem with my heart, though, of course it is not funny when you are feeling bad and they do not manage to carry out a proper EKG. Thank you for explaining me about the personnel not knowing...

In relation with the brochure, I will try to have one in my purse (as well as the translation). I am in Spain and besides not being lucky - because POTS is not known here - a brochure in English can also be a problem. But you are right. I will carry one with a translation enclosed, in order to use it when needed.

Of course, you can manage much better with other doctors. They know who you are, listen to you, talk the same tecnical language...

Thank you for caring, Angela. I will try to rest and sleep a lot today. We have a lunch tomorrow with some friends (do not worry, not at home, in a Restaurant. I cannot cook myself feeling this way).

I just hope I am better tomorrow for, at least, being able to have a nice lunch...

But If I am still that bad tomorrow (I hope not, because I am slightly better than yesterday and this morning), we will go to another ER with the Brochure.

I had a blood test done around 15 days ago... But no blood test at the ER (and better not, my reaction to a blood test is.... :huh: Hypovolemia?)...

No they did not give me IV fluids. That?s the reason I am drinking so much Aquarius myself.

What else can I do?

In fact, they only gave me a drug for the supposed anxiety I have... :P She even asked me if I had tried it before and I answered I had a strante reaction: my blood pressure went down, I was sleeping all the time and felt misererable... (No, of course, I am not following their suggestion...)

Thank you your support and help, Angela.

I really appreciate it,



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Well, just wanted to add that the increased fluids definitely could have helped you feel better. Oftentimes, the dizziness we get is related to dehydration and fluids are the way to go. Until recently, I received two liters of fluid a day via iv's for that very reason.


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Hi Carmen,

Thank you.

I also think I am better because of drinking fluids (Aquarius). I have been drinking 1 l. this morning and 330 ml. just now, and I am feeling better. Of course, I am not standing up, I am sitting. But yesterday and this morning I was feeling bad even while I was sitting, so that can mean a lot... We will see when I start walking...

They did not give me IV Fluids so is it the same if I drink it?



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hey tessa,

no problem. glad i could try and help.

i know you are concerned with hypovolemia with blood draw but i think it's important to get some blood work done just to see where your electrolytes are at and your RBC's (i noticed on your signature that you were diagnosed with anemia) ..........you could be feeling so poorly because your electro's are off or your RBC's are down. i am actually shocked the e.r. didnt do any blood work at all. usually that is pretty routine, along with EKG, for patients who are symptomatic with chest pains/dizziness. i am also shocked that they didnt give you IV fluids. i personally would just have requested some saline IV as it is not a big deal to get in the E.D. .......but i could understand where your pressure was 120 why they thought you probably didnt need any (unfortunately pressure numbers dont mean a thing if IV fluids help anyway to make you feel better, i understand totally that you could still feel the way you were feeling with your pressure at 120) .........

good luck with the lunch tomorrow. i am hoping you feel well enough to have a great time with friends/family.

take care and rest.

sweet sleep.


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Hi Angela,

I have been eating a little and drinking another Aquarius. My husband said I should stop with it for today. I agree.

It is not only concern. I really went through a bad time, the day I had the blood test done... I have to update the information of my diagnosis (I?ll do it now). The "famous" blood test showed no anemia. :huh:

Only my Uric Acid is below normal values and:

Prothrombine Time, results: 8,08 seg. when normal values are: 8 - 12,6

Prothrombine Activity, results: 128% when normal values are 76-120

international normalized ratio, results: (INR) 0,89 when normal values: 0,9 - 1,2

My GP said that these results are possibly altered because I am taking Inyesprin (1/day). (Inyesprin is a kind of Aspirine, antiinflammatory).

I have to admit that we went to the ER of a local Health Centre, not to the Hospital itself. I am sure that?s the difference for having been assisted that way. It was closer and easier to get there. But it is totally different when you go to the Hospital. The first thing they do when you go into the Hospital?s ER is a blood test. They might have been more helpful at the Hospital.

At the Health Centre?s Emergency Room, even though the doctor confirmed I was lightheaded, dizzy, with chest discomfort and so on, she did not mention the IV fluids... I think she really had no idea of what dysautonomia was and how to treat it...

I am sure IV fluids would have helped, It did in the past, though I did not know then what was going on me with my health.

Thank you for caring and for helping me.

I?ll have a good rest tonight and keep you updated tomorrow.

Take care too



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