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Need Suggestions For Doctors In South Or Central Florida?


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I have a good friend in Ft. Lauderdale who has symptoms of chronic fatigue and MVP / dysautonomia, but she's having a frustrating time getting any kind of diagnosis from any of the doctors she has seen.

I live in North Florida and could refer her to a few good ones up this way, but it would be easier for her to see someone closer to home.

I have researched previous posts and cannot find any specific names of recommended doctors in that area.

She has not seen a cardiologist except for once in the hospital, so maybe if she could find a good cardio who was familiar with dysautonomia or an endocrinologist, that would be helpful too.

Any suggestions?



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Hi Gena,

I live close to Fort Lauderdale, I have POTS and SVT. Like your friend I haven't found any doctors who know about Dysautonomia.

I've been seeing an EP in Ft. Lauderdale who diagnoised me with POTS, but doesn't know how to treat it, he just wants to do another EP ablation on me, the first one failed! And after finding this site I know that ablations don't work on pots patients.

I went to a very good nero in FLL who recommended me to another cardiologist/EP who is highly regarded in his field, I don't see him until 11/27/06, but hopefully he will be able to get me somewhat back to normal. He also gave me a name of a good endo, but wants me to go to the cardiologist first, then the endo.

Right now I work, eat and sleep, that's about the extent of my activities, I'm exercise intolerent which is really hard for me to handle. I was a competitive natural female bodybuilder training five days a week with weights and cardio, now I get out of breath going up a flight of stairs!

I've been to Cleveland Clinic in Weston, FL, University of Miami and other's in the FLL area and they all are clueless when it comes to pots.

If the new cardiologist/EP is all he is supposed to be I'll let you know or you can email me for his contact info and the endo's info.

Tell your friend to hang in there, I'm sure you already have since you are going through the same thing.

Take Care,


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