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Thick Blood?


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Hey, so I cut myself chopping veggies tonight, and the blood that came out of my hand was like mucus. It clotted super quickly, and I've had the stomach flu for over a week now, gotten IV fluids twice, and since my hematocrit is under 40, is that normal, or could that be from dehydration, or do any of you know anything about this? very weird!!


PS the IV line I got on Friday clotted up in the 5 minutes I was in the bathroom, and they had to put a new one in. Hmmm.

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Hi! rI have a rare blood condition called low protein s deficiency. Basically the deficiency causes my blood to clot at a faster rate. I ahve had DVT's pulmonary embolisms and am on blood thinners for life. I only found this out at 31yrs old after I was diagnosed with a large amounts of Pulmonary embolisms. So pleas have your doctor check your clotting factors and or clotting time. the normal clotting times are o.k. for people without a deficiency in protein c or s but if you have eiyther disorder you have to keep your blood thinner. If anyone in your family has had blood clots or P.E.'s or strokes you are at risk too and if you take birthcontrol or smoke it is really risky. Please see your doc. They may think you are paronoid but POTS people aren't very active and often dehydrate and that can both couse clots to form in your legs or arms

.Good luck!

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