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Allergic Reaction To Visken


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I spent a few hours in the ER yesterday from a bad allergic reaction to Visken, the newest med my POTS doc wanted me to try. I took the first dose (2.5mg) and not even an hour later I was about ready to pass out, my chest was hurting, my throat closing up, trouble breathing. Then by the time I got to the ER, my tongue had started swelling up/getting numb only on the left side, my left hand starting tingling, and my left foot toes were tingling and curling under! Definately not a good med for me!!!

I'm better now after IV saline and IV benedryl, and the ER doc knew all about POTS and that I definately needed to be rehydrated, etc. So, it was a nice ER visit, and now we're on to drug five! :ph34r:


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