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Question About How To Display Words In A Posting


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1. Find the globe, beside the A with the dark line under it and between the envelope and click on it.

2. It then asks you to enter the url, so say you wanted to refer someone to the DINET homepage, you would type in the space, http://www.dinet.com .

3. click ok

4. enter what you wish to call the site and click okay.

http://www.dinet.org" target="_blank">DINET homepage (I put spaces inbetween the equals sign and the last set of brakets to show you an example of what it should look like when you click the last okay.)

This should be your final result: DINET homepage

Hope that helps you out and isn't too brain foggy sounding!

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Well, I tried...but at least I see the little Globe thing you were talking about...man, I need a magnifying glass to determine that was a Globe.

And YES I know what a world atlas is...grew up having globes...just didn't get the initial explanation. :)

You did it although I can't get it to open up, it goes to a blank page?

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