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Pcp Refusing To Refill Prescriptions

Dizzy Dame

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I called my PCP's office a few days ago to get them to refill my mestinon and midodrine. It was the first time I've had to have either prescription refilled, but I expected that my PCP would be the one to do it. However, today they called me back and said my doctor was "uncomfortable" filling those prescriptions and that I should go through my prescribing doctor. However, when I called my prescribing doctors (one at Vandy, the other at Hopkins) they both said that my PCP should refill those presciptions, that it "wasn't their job".

My PCP's office has "temporarily" refilled the prescriptions, but told me I needed to find a neurologist who will manage those medications. However, I don't know what to do. I've made an appointment with a neuro, but what am I supposed to say to them, "I don't need a diagnosis from you, just please give me my drugs and don't ask questions?" :huh:

I'm terrified my prescriptions are going to run out at the end of the month and no one will refill them. The last time I missed a dose of my medication, I ended up in the ER. What if that happens again and no one will give me my meds?

I can't belive this is happening. This isn't morphine I'm asking for...these are BLOOD PRESSURE medications! Do I have any legal rights to these meds? Can my doctors really refuse to refill the prescriptions because they feel it's not their "job"? What happens if I run out of my meds?

Sorry to feak out so horribly! I just don't know what to do...and the clock is ticking.


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Have the drs. at vanderbilt fax a consult summary to the neuro, or do you already have a cardio on your case? Is there someone they can refer you to in your area who would "work with them" to oversee/manage your case. Since the PCPs are n't that familar with mestinon I can see why they'd be reluctant to prescribe it...Just say to the neuro that you are looking for someone to manage your case since vanderbilt does not to ongoing patient care.

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You need a neuro to "manage" your case. Your PCP is the "gatekeeper".... did you ask them for a referral to a neuro?

Or, call the prescribing drs and ask for a local referral.

No, he isn't legally obligated to refill prescriptions he did not prescribe to begin with, and he knows he does not know enough about your condition to manage it himself.

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I just love when doctors pass the buck and it happens so often. Just keep making noise. I agree with the others, call vanderbilt and get your records or a letter stating what meds you need and the reasons why. Either have them send it to you or your PCP. Talk to your PCP again and if he still doesn't feel comfortable prescribing the meds, even after getting info from Vandy then have the PCP refer you to a neurologist, cardiologist or internist who will feel comfortable treating you. I would put the pressure on the PCP to help you with this. I would make it clear to the PCP that with out your meds you will end up in the hospital.

Good luck but don't give up.


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