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Working And Pots


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I know there are some of you out there who work and have had this disorder for a long time, etc. etc. But I also have read previous posts by some members who have had a lot of difficulty working.

Moreover, I have not been back to work since my diagnosis.

Currently, I am employed, working in a factory that is very loud (ear plugs are a requirement), busy, bright lighting, nasty burning plastic smells, etc. etc. And it's not just loud all the time, there are also a lot of sudden loud noises when there are operators working machines putting inserts in (and some that I would have to work on when I got back to work).

My doctor seems to think that after we find the right medication and if I make sure I hydrate myself (which I do faithfully because I hate being sick, etc.~so I always follow doctor's orders when the orders make sense and I am confident the doctor knows what they are talking about), and as salt to my diet, etc. then I can go back to work.

I have back up plans in place right now if I cannot go back to work (school, outside health insurance etc.), but with the environment I explained, does it really sound like a place for someone with POTS could successfully work?

In my heart, I don't think I would be able to because even though I feel a little better from day to day on the most recent medication, I do not think I'd be able to deal with the environment (oh ya, and at that job I am sitting/standing for most of my shift in one spot).

I guess I just need some support because my boyfriend is supporting me right now (and he is very understanding), but my family (namely my father whom helps to support me when I need it) doesn't want to accept that I might not return to work. And I need to make a decision soon because my welcome on medical leave is wearing thin and I think my doctor is getting sick and tired of writing excuses for my employer! I'm just drifting out here needing support, so if anyone has any helpful stories or advice please, by all means, share!

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Like Dizzy Dame said, your working environment sounds very difficult--particularly the standing and the lous noises and obnoxious odors.

Could you employer find you another position to accomodate your disability? Under the ADA act, if the employer has a certain number of employees (I forgot the number) the employer must make all reasonable efforts to accomodate an employee with a disability.

Just a thought,


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Hello and welcome! :angry::blink:

I work full time and I have to tell you it is not easy.

I work at our local hospital (clerical) and it is quite busy but not that loud. I could not function in a loud atmosphere at all. On not-so-good days, the sudden ring of my phone can set off an episode of tachycardia that can last for hours........ :) . I cannot sit or stand for any length of time. Luckily, on my job I am able to switch these positions around as I need to. I am also able eat when I need to and guzzle liquids pretty much when I want. I could not imagine being in a job with really structured coffee/lunch breaks.

Years ago, I worked in a factory as a summer student when I was in college. I know I could not work at that level ever again. Now I have go along with my body's demands to stay functioning at the level I am at. Some days, I am running to the bathroom steady because of my bladder. Some days constant flushing and brain fog keep me off focus and I spend the next day or two trying to catch up. Luckily, I am good at what I do (because I have been doing it for years) and have the experience to slow down when I need to and flip my job around to compensate for my body's weaknesses. It is a constant juggling act. :angry: . If I did not work at the job I am at now.....I doubt I would be working at all.

I wish you the best of luck and hope that you are able to solve the working/not working dilema...

Good luck !!


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