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Update/ Question About Procrit


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Hello All,

Well I am starting to come back out of my pothole I found myself in for the last week or so. I was doing great, and then it was like I hit a brick wall. :lol: After stopping the lyme meds for a week, (now I am back on) and adjusting the beta blockers, and lots of rest I am starting to feel better. I am glad to be back on the forum. I missed you all.

Question for you. For those of you that take Procrit. Do you muscles hurt the day after the shot; of do you feel more tired them normal? (I have notice these things after my shot. Was just seeing if anyone else felt this way.)

I missed you all! :angry:

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other than a very small amount of soreness in the muscle where i get the shot, i've never had any side effects from my shots (up to 30,000 units).....

:unsure: melissa

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