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My Nasty Letters!!


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Just thought I'd share this..

and don't know why I never did..............

Probley five years ago now, while at my primary care doctor I was major venting about having this disease and how nobody understands.

She had me start writing letters to my NCS. Sounds kind of dumb but it works... At first I would write little things here and there and just throw them away. But now this is how I get everything out. I am very symptomatic, so any little stress factor throws me off. So when I'm mad for being sick, feeling sorry for myself, stressed out with family, etc. I get on my computer and go nuts. (and even get to say things I usually would not) :) and then DELETE!!! B)

Try it, it helps




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at least you could share THIS sue :) . i think it's a great way to get rid of frustration of anger!!!

i will tell you what i did:

i threw all my meds (just ordered at my pcp's and delivered at home) at the ground and started to stamp on them (right now i couldn't do that anymore but at that time i still could!). all my anger and frustration came out. after that i cleaned the mess and suddenly realised i couldn't do without the meds and that i needed to call my doc to order new B) . when i called him he asked why and i explained. we really had a good laugh about it and he asked if it had helped and described new ones. he did ask not to stamp on them again :blink:

anybody else having a great way to get rid of anger and frustration???

corina :)

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