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Bradycardia???? Anyone???


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Hello all,

I am out of town for a wedding and have been in bradycardia for about 3 days now, low to mid 40's, called the doc and they said it wasn't my med's and wanted me to go to the ER but I didn't. I am trying to wait to see my doc when I get home. Just wondering if anyone has had bradycardia with POTS, I"m used to the high heart rate but have never been this low for this long, just wondering if you have any suggestions? Thanks!!

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What does it feel like? I can't even begin to imagine...

I wish I could write with real feedback or advice, but I haven't a clue! Never been on the meds, and my heart's been racing for decades... Are you on a beta blocker? One that you could take a little bit less of for now? I wonder too what your doctor thought could be done for you at the ER.

I hope it's not too scary and that you're not too fatigued. If it ain't one thing it's another, huh?

Best to you,


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I experienced this -- my Dr's said that I needed to take half of the dose of Toprol XL that I'm taking. My heart rate is fine now.

Are you on a beta-blocker?

Hope you figure this out,


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I'm on ProAmatine but no beta blockers, that's why the doc said it shouldn't be my med's, my bp was low too and the proamatine is supposed to help that so he said to increase that and at least my bp is in the normal range now but heart rate is still in the 40's. I am very fatigued and find it hard to move at some points, I'm used to the fast but not so much the slow, this ***** :angry: Thanks!

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Guest tearose

genie, yes I do get low heartrate (38-44) and it is allmost always when I've been very busy or active and am feeling very tired. It just happened last friday night while I was quietly and peacefully sitting in temple services...my heart monitor alarm went off displaying 43 bpm! The only thing I can remember feeling before that was " sleepy, calm and peaceful" but I was sitting up! Anyway, I got up and walked out of the room and got something to drink. It happened twice more in the next afternoon. I attribute this latest spell to the fact that I have been packing for a move and although I felt I hadn't overdone my work, my heart felt otherwise!. I have been taught that it is okay to go as low as 38bpm, once in awhile, as long as your heart comes back "up" within a few more seconds. I also realize that I may think that I'm not tired but my heart and mind are saying "slow down and recharge". So I then force myself to rest more and do less. I hope you can get to your doctor to find reassurance but till then, hang in there. I hope you enjoyed the wedding.

PS You aren't drinking are you? Even one glass of wine sends me crashing down! Keep me posted and get home safe. tearose

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