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Quick Test For Blood Volume Check & Bp


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I've had two different doctors now do this simple test to see what happens to my BP. First, laying down they take your BP and pulse(which is equal to heart rate). Then, immediately after sitting up take it, wait a few minutes, take it again. Then, same with standing. Take it immediate and then a few minutes later. Mine has basically showed nothing. Virtually, no change in BP but pulse went from 68 to 82 from laying to standing. Doctor said that is tachycardia when BP raises more than 10. Really surprised BP didn't change.

I have a tilt test next week. Isn't that basically the same thing? Has anyone ever had this done to them or know what it means? Thanks and have a great Labor Day!

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at it's core, it is the same thing, however, it's not under as rigid conditions at a full TTT, nor is the version you describe able to provide continuous monitoring like the TTT. What you describe is affectionately referred to as the "poor man's tilt table test".


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Hi. Tachycardia is a pulse that is faster than 100 bpm. The defining criteria for POTS is a pulse that rises by 30bpm or more when going from lying to standing. A rise of 10-15bpm is normal, as I understand it.

Tilt tests are slightly different as they can monitor you continuously and over a longer period to catch any sudden drops in bp.

Did you have any symptoms when you stood up?

For ages we thought my blood pressure was staying the same because that's what the regular machines showed; then when they got some specialised equipment to record my bp continuously, it transpired that my bp was flatlining an coming back up before the cuff on a regular machine could register it!

Hope you get some answers soon.

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