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Hey, does anyone else out there feel weak and yucky.. but still have a normal heart rate and blood pressure? Any way I am feeling better than I was two weeks ago. I will be seeing a doc seotember 22nd, wonder what he'll give me , I know there are nrew meds out there since I last went to my nuero. I do see someone who specializes in POTS.

God Bless

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yeah they will say that everything is just fine but i will still feel icky. so i say whatever to them. they never help anyway and eventually the pain passes. i hope that the docs are able to get you something really good.

dionna ;)

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I too get the same way as you. Although my bp and heart rate seem "normal", I sure don't feel "normal". It seems as though my body has a really difficult time adjusting and making me feel better, even though my bp and heart rate say I should feel better.

I see my GP this afternoon. I'm not sure what he's going to say or what meds he's going to want to try next. I'm on Toprol XL, 25mg and Lyrica, 75 mg, and the Lyrica is making me very very dizzy. Let me tell you that the Toprol had the dizziness under control until my doc added the Lyrica. So who knows what the outcome of today's visit will be.

I guess to make a short story LONGER.........(LOL), you are not alone in feeling yucky even when clinically, your system seems to be ok.

Hang in there!

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dr. grubb first explained this "phenomenon" to me (and all of my subsequent docs have agreed) such that it may be that my body is having to work so hard to keep my numbers/stats "normal" that it makes me feel cruddy. often for me the numbers go all over the place so that one minute they will be fine and the next they won't be and the constant fluctuations can be rough on the body as well. for instance at my appointment on monday my BP started at 65/56 seated, was up to 140-something/ 80-something laying down, 120-something/80-something standing 1 minute, 70-something/40-something standing 2 minutes, etc...obviously not too "constant".

hope this helps...

;) melissa

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I've wondered this myself. Last time I went to my cardio, he said my numbers were "great". I said, well then why don't I feel better. He had no answer. Kinda frustrating. I was hoping that once BP and HR were stable that I would feel so much better. Not so much yet, but I'm still hoping. :P


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