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What Does It Feel Like Right Before Passing Out?


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I have never actually passed out, but today i really thought i was going to.......I was working, standing in the cardiac cath lab.....i wasnt even wearing the protective 15 pounds of lead that must be worn during procedures....i was just standing there, no lead, with my compression stockings on and all.......felt okay...then all of a sudden, out of nowhere, everyone's voices started getting faint and muffled........i started getting light-headed but no tunnel vision........then i felt like i was almost having an out of body experience.......i really thought i would be, at one minute where i was and how i was feeling just standing there to on the floor and looking up at the cath lab team all huddled around me........thank God it didnt turn out that way. i managed to get to a chair and thankfully it past (but now i am exhausted and feel nauseated)........

how does it feel before you pass out?

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Guest dionna

hmmm... i am usually so out of it... hmmmm... well sometimes i don't even feel it before i faint, but other times it can be real painful... a typical time...

i will begin to feel really funny, usually i feel a flash of either really cold or really hot. then i will be nauseated, have chest pain that is really sharp, my heart will feel like it is on the verge of busting out, i will have some difficulty breathing, i will start going numb, have a headache, sometimes stomach pain, i will be exremely light-headed and dizzy, and then i will just begin to fall. sometimes i know i am falling but i am too heavy to move or anything. and some times i have no idea. i don't ever recall actually feeling myself hit the floor though. even when i first wake i never know if i hit anything or not because i can not feel anything until i am awake for maybe a minute or so. i am always still heavy and numb and tingly. usually if i faint once... i am going to do it again but i won't have as much warning... which is good to me because i won't be in as much pain. i always have to urinate afterwards. and yeah i can't hear anything and my vision is blurry just before i fall.

not everytime is like that, sometimes are very peaceful.

dionna :D

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For me, I do feel like I'm wearing ear muffs and can't quite make out what people are saying. I don't usually get tunnel vision, but as I actually pass out, I get a grey out, then white out. I can then hear once I hit the deck, but I can't see.


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