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I recently discovered this site and have found it so helpful to be able to hear how others are coping, their symptoms etc.

I was DXed with POTs early last year. For the last year I?ve been feeling better at least some of the time, but it seems to go in cycles. I start to feel better for a while, and my symptoms are more minimal in that I can go to uni for a 2 hour lecture 2-3 times a week. Then I go through bad spells when I can?t do anything at all.

I?ve noticed that before I start to get really sick and go through bad ?POTs spells?, for the days, even a week beforehand I?ll feel wired. I?ll be energetic and even hyper at one minute and paralysed with fear the next, but always wired.

Does anyone else have these symptoms, and if so, is there anyway to alleviate them, and maybe even stop me from having the ?POTs spell? that follows?

Any ideas would be very helpful, I?ll run them past my drs of course, but as neither are POTs experts ? I don?t know of any POTs experts in Sydney (Australia) ? any suggestions that I can bring to the table would be much appreciated.


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hi cath -

others may have better replies re: your question (as i have a bit of a different constellation of diagnoses/ symptoms) but i just wanted to say welcome. i'm sorry that you have reason to be here but glad that you found the site.

:) melissa

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I wanted to say welcome. I use to go thought bad spells, then one day I landed in a "POT HOLE" but slowing things are getting better. Are you taking any meds? So do you go to UNI in CedarFalls, IA. I grew up in Waterloo. Have you found a good doctor there to help in your treatment? A good doctor makes all the differeance in the treatment.

Here is some thing that you may find that help you:


Well got to go! Welcome, and hope you are able to find some answers! :)


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Guest dionna

welcome to the forum. feeling wired... yeah i get that too. i feel that i am high sometimes too. in two years i haven't found anything to help it but atleast i am not in pain at the time. pots symptoms... it is just a roller coaster. i haven't found anythign to prevent them either. i really wish i could tell you the magic spell but i don't think there is one. if there is though and i find it, well first i won't have pots anymore, and second i would definately let the rest of you know about it. i wish you much luck and hopefully one day you will wake up just fine. or they will find us a cure. either one would work, right? take care of yourself and just think positive. look forward to the "good" days. that is all i can do to keep myself sane.

dionna :)

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Thanks so much for your welcomes and kind words.

Amy - It took me a while to figure out why you thought I went to UNI in CedarFalls. I finally figured out where we got our wires crossed - Americans call it ?college?, Australians call it uni, as in short for university. So no, I don?t go to UNI, I go to college in Sydney. I?m trying (after about 5 years) to finish my bachelor of arts. Sorry for the confusion. :huh:

In answer to your other qstns, I?m taking Inderal, Florinef, Licorice root and lots of supplements as well. The doctors I have are lovely, but don?t have expertise in POTs as I haven?t been able to find any in Sydney that do.

Thanks once again,


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